How NOT to buy a domain in Auction!

Buying a domain off an auction can be a tricky task. Majority of people are fooled into spending hundreds of dollars for a worthless domain wasting their precious time and money. Therefore we have listed down ways on how NOT to a buy a particular domain off an auction. Feel free to follow up on these steps if you wish to waste your earnings for no apparent reason.

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    1. Be impressed with the Domain Age or History

Seeing a domain that was registered years ago in 1990s era will instantly get your senses tingling. These domains are quite rare and exceptionally hard to find. Obviously the domain hasn’t been pretty active and saw extremely less activity. All of these factors lead me to believe that the domain must be worth a fortune therefore spending my cash would be a wise decision without seeing any actual value in domain.

    2. Lots of Money

Reading various reviews online give me wild ideas on where to spend the money. Any piece of promising information would persuade me to buy as many domain names and ideas as possible because a niche market wants it. Instead of developing a domain name bought for 70$ and turning it into an 800$ valued domain. I prefer developing a crude site over a course of a short period of time and selling it for a fortune because I have totally unrealistic expectations off my domain purchases.

    3. Portfolio means a lot!

I have bought a few very successful domain names and have made good amount of cash from them as well. However, despite focusing on my existing domains, I wanted something else off the market as well. The reason is simple i.e. a domain name with a similar keyword in it made a fortune therefore I want to try my luck out as well. This would look tremendously well on my portfolio as well having multiple domain names. Simply put purchasing domain names should be done strategically based on rational decisions. Don’t simply buy domains on baseless information without any reason of buying. Thoroughly study the domain you are interested in buying and list down the pros of buying that domain. Without concrete proof or strong gut feeling, don’t put your money in worthless domain purchases as it will only frustrate you over the longer period of time. Buy Smart!

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